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San Pasqual Winery

Winemaker: Linda McWilliams

2017 Chardonnay – San Diego County
Aromas of pear and citrus that follow through  with a crisp lemon finish.
25/bottle 9/glass

2017 Chenin Blanc – San Diego County
Aromas of pink grapefruit and citrus blossom with apricot on the palate.
22.5/bottle 8.5/glass

2017 Viognier – Dry Creek Valley
Off dry with hints of peach and a light clover honeysuckle finish.
25/bottle 9/glass

2014 Malbec – San Diego County
Bouquet of anise & plum, with strong fruit flavors and an apricot finish.
25/bottle  9/glass

2014 Tannat – Clarksburg AVA
Aromas of cedar & leather, followed by flavors of spiced plum & black currant.
27.5/bottle 9.5/glass

SummerVine Passionfruit Wines
Made with locally grown passionfruit and natural flavors
♦ Blanc – Lush tropical passionfruit nose, with a pink grapefruit finish.
♦ Roselle – Flavors of hibiscus & raspberry for a blast of tropical flavor.
♦ Habanero – Habanero chile peppers balance the sweet and add a little heat!

*20/bottle 7.5/glass

Flight of any 3 San Pasqual wines – $12

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Online Shopping - Wyatt Oaks Winery

Wyatt Oaks Winery

Winemaker: Gavin McClain

2015 Syrah Rosé – San Diego County
Refreshing ripe flavors of peach and apricot with a creamy smooth finish.
20/bottle    7.5/glass

2011 Syrah – San Diego County
Strong fruit with hints of strawberry and cherry and a light spice finish.
25/bottle      9/glass

2012 & 2013*  Zinfandel – San Diego County 
Ripe cherry and plum, highlighted by pepper and spice.
25/bottle      9/glass          * no sulfites added

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon – San Diego County
Ripe black cherry and plum flavors that echo fruit and spice on the finish.
25/bottle    9/glass

2012 Petite Sirah – San Diego County
Soft, full bodied. Blueberry, lavender and  a hint of spice on the finish.
32/bottle    11/glass

2009 Agrifolia  ­– San Diego County
A blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot/Primitivo/Carignan.
Unfiltered and full of depth, this “Old World” style wine tastes of ripe red
cherry and black fruits, with a touch of black tea and licorice.
25/bottle    9/glass

Flight of any 3 Wyatt Oaks wines – $12 

Online Shopping - Wyatt Oaks Winery

Frozen Sangria  9/glass  •   Passionfruit Freeze  9/glass •  Hot Spiced Wine  7.5 /glass • Snack Varieties:  $2/$5 • Water   $2 • Soda  $3 •
Perrier  $3 • Sparkling Apple Juice  $3